Michal Mariánek

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Born 1976. Studies at University Of Technology Brno - Faculty of Fine Arts and Film And Tv School Of The Academy Of Performing Arts in Prague.

Artistic projects of Michal Marianek always contained both the visual and musical aspects of the contemporary art (such as digital image, videoart, computer games design or composing) and even in his current musical project in which is he reaching fields of live laptop music is recognizable his fine arts background and experiences.

Michal Marianek is with the help of his own designed software music instruments searching for new music expressions and trying to build upon them live sonic pictures and stories. He performed live with Pita, 33, War Slut, Machine Drum as so as with many Czech projects. Presently is he cooperating with multimedial artist Tomáš Hrůza who is performing live processing visuals during Michal´s shows.