Ivona Raimanová

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Ivona Raimanová, born Glosová (12 October 1956, Liberec), is an art historian, curator and editor.

Ivona Raimanová graduated in art history and Italian from the Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University in Prague (1976-1982). In the 1980s she was a founding co-editor of the samizdat magazine Někdo něco [Somebody Something] focusing on contemporary art (1985-1989) and curated exhibitions in the cultural centres Futurum (1984) and Blatiny (1987-1989) in Prague. In 1991-1993 she worked as a curator of the exhibition programme of the Office of the President of the Czech Republic and in 1994-2000 as a curator in the Rudolfinum Gallery, Prague.

In 2003-2010 she was the director and from 2010-2015 the artistic director of Spacium, an organisation employing art to revive and cultivate public spaces in Liberec. (2020, 2020)