Eva Wohlgemuth

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Born 1955 in Bad Vöslau/Austria. 1974–1979 studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Vienna. 1979–1989 worked as a high school instructor. Since 1995 works as a freelance web-designer for the ORF art-radio broadcasting network, and on art projects in the areas of multimedia, installations, and in the Internet. Since 1997 she teaches at the Academy of Visual Arts in Vienna. She was represented at the documenta X (1997) with the project Siberian Deal (1995), realized together with Kathy Rae Huffman. 1996–1997 she realized with Huffman the project Face Settings (1995), the in real-space meeting of women artists and women theorists active in the media space, linked with a web site from which even today the existing Faces mailing list is produced. In 1997, with Body Scan, she began work on the long-term project EvaSys from which numerous complex installations have meanwhile emerged, alongside its WWW-page. Wohlgemuth lives in Vienna.