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etc. gallery is a non-commercial gallery of contemporary art that presents the work of Czech and foreign visual artists through exhibitions, screenings and discussions. The exhibition programme deals mainly with the presentation of contemporary art of moving image film and video dealing with current socio-political issues. As part of various research projects, the gallery cooperates with a number of cultural and educational institutions, researchers and other experts.

etc. the gallery systematically supports the work of contemporary artists focusing on moving image, provides professional reflection on this medium and contributes to the improvement of its institutional background. Each year, the gallery hosts two solo exhibitions, simultaneously producing new audiovisual artworks. Similarly, it offers curated screening selections that are presented as online exhibitions on the gallery’s website after screening, where there are original thematic essays as well.

The gallery was established in 2004 as one of the first independent exhibition spaces in Prague. It was founded by the DRAWetc. studio headed by Vladimír Strejček and artists Jiří Franta and Jiří Skála. Three years later, Markéta Vinglerová joined the gallery's curatorial team. In 2011, the founding members left the gallery and artist Radim Langer and curator Tereza Stejskalová started working there, who were replaced by artist Martin Prudil in 2013. In 2017, the space was taken over by curators Alžběta Bačíková and Anna Remešová, with whom another curatorial duo, Markéta Jonášová and Tomáš Kajánek, continued to work. The current curators of the etc. Gallery are Nela Klajbanová and Sára Märc.

In 2019, the gallery created a media library as part of the research project Restless Image II: Limits of Motion, developed for etc. gallery by Matěj Strnad, Anna Remešová and Kryštof Pešek. The gallery’s media library is used for onsite studying of the audiovisual artworks that were part of the gallery’s exhibition programme in the past. Another output of the research was the Manual for Handling Moving Image, which formulates a set of principles for the gallery to follow when collaborating with artists and dealing with these audiovisual works. (2024)