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Between 2004 and 2016, a collective of artists, curators, producers and theoreticians from various fields worked in the courtyard of the house at no. 28 on Školská Street in Prague. The program for presentations, meetings and communications was conceptually prepared by Dana Recmanová, Miloš Vojtěchovský, Lloyd Dunn, and gradually many others joined the group in various projects , including: Martin Blažíček, Dagmar Šubrtová, Veronika Resslová, Petr Vrba, Jan Bartoš, Michal Kindernay, Henry Hills, Jaroslav Kořán, as well as other artists. The public programme was active the year round, and for several years it also included creative residencies for foreign artists in the orangerie at Dolní Počernice and Prague.

Operationally, the project fell under the Linhart Foundation, and later under the DEAI/setkáni organization, which afforded the organizers considerable autonomy up until the final years of its existence. For over a decade, Školská 28 hosted exhibitions, lectures, screenings, workshops and residencies in the fields of moving image, sound and music, art and visual creation, most often of an experimental and transdisciplinary nature. The courtyard also gradually became home to organizations of a similar mind, including ArtMap, Fotograf Gallery, and others. Over the years, Školská 28 has been involved in long-term international projects of artistic exchange and research, of which the Frontiers of Solitude project had the highest public profile. (2024)

Program curators: Dana Recmanová (2002-2009, 2012-2016), Miloš Vojtěchovský (2009-2012), Michal Kindernay (2009-2016).