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Johana Ožvold (born Švarcová, 1983, Liberec) is an actor, musician, performer and filmmaker. She graduated in directing from Film Academy (FAMU) in Prague (2016). She works as a curator at the Czech national film archive, regularly co-operates with theatre scene and alternative spaces. She collaborates with Czech Radio as a writer and a director of radio plays. Her artistic works are crossing boundaries between fiction and documentary.

Her bachelor student film Hi, I'm doing fine won the award for Best Documentary at IFF Fresh Film Fest 2014, the Mise en scene prize at IFF Poitiers and the award for Best Documentary at IFF FIDÉ 2014 in Paris. In 2015, she directed the short fiction films Familiar Strangers and Process that received Special Jury Award at IFF Febiofest SK 2016. Her graduation fiction movie Black Cake won the Best Film and Best Director awards at FAMUfest. She is also director of feature-length documentary on electronic music, The Sound is Innocent (2019). (2019)