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Joanna Walewska is an Assistant Professor at the Cultural Studies department of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. She studied film and philosophy at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, where she defended her PhD thesis on early computer art, particularly the work of Edward Ihnatowicz, published as a book in 2015. Later she worked as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Informatics, faculty of Computer Games Design. Her research interests include history of media and technology, contemporary art, video games and media culture.


  • Portret artysty jako inżyniera. Twórczość Edwarda Ihnatowicza, Toruń: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Mikołaja Kopernika, 2015, 242 pp. TOC & Introduction. (Polish)
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