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Artalk is a magazine about contemporary visual art and a web project with more than 26,000 active monthly readers, which reflects on the art scene in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and abroad. It was founded in 2008 with the aim of providing a space for criticism and theoretical discussion. Since 2013 it has also had a Slovak editorial office. In addition to publishing texts, it actively enters the public space by organizing discussions, producing podcasts and publishing Artalk Revue.

In addition to large state institutions, Artalk also supports regional and independent art projects through media cooperation. It is part of the Feminist (Art) Institutions Collective and the East Art Mags network of Eastern European contemporary art magazines. Since 2021 it has been co-organising the Vera Jirous Award for emerging and established art critics. Artalk is guided by the principles formulated in the Code of Ethics of Artalk. (2023)

Editor-in-chief: Anežka Bartlová [1]; previously: Anna Remešová (2019-2022) [2], Klára Peloušková (2016-2018) [3], Silvie Šeborová (2008-2015).

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